LittleBird Chest of Drawers X2

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LittleBird Chest of Drawers X2

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The Chest of Drawers X2 is fitted with a massive amount of storage for all your child’s requirements. There are a total of nine drawers, three drawers for the smaller stuff and six big drawers for stocking all the diapers, clothing, swaddles and everything else your loved one needs. The chest also comes equipped with a changing table and a tray for holding daily essentials. Its basically a one stop solution for all your storage needs.

SOLID & DURABLE - Complete with Sea Green ceramic button knobs and Fabricated using MDF, coated in anti bacterial laminates. Our Furniture withstands the test of time, and matches International Safety Standards for paints and polish.

QUALITY- With over 50 years of manufacturing experience, and in furnishing spaces for high-end residences, offices and commercial institutions, quality is guaranteed.

NON-TOXIC - 0% VOC Paints. VOC is an acronym for Volatile Organic Compound. Most paints contain high levels of VOCs which emit fumes that are harmful for you and your children. We insist on using only 0% VOC paints. These are water based acrylic paints which are extremely safe for your children.

ANTI BACTERIAL LAMINATES- All the laminates used in Little Bird’s furniture are anti-bacterial. This means that they are coated with a special film which prevents any bacteria or harmful organisms from living on that surface. This makes all our furniture surfaces safe and suitable for your family.

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