Beginner's guide: Get the Best Changing Table for Your Toddler

Diapers have made the lives of countless parents much easier, but changing diapers still remains a headache for all of us. Trying to undress and dress up a squirming child surrounded by their excrement – that could be a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, changing stations for toddlers  is a lifesaver for parents.  

Why Changing Tables?

Plenty of experienced parents might view diaper-changing tables suspiciously as just another fad. But the truth is that having a device specifically designed to safely and comfortably get your kid changed can be a huge improvement in your lives as new parents. Here are all the reasons why you must have a diaper-changing table: 

  • Safety: 

Using other flat surfaces like a regular table or even a bed could be unsafe, as there are chances of your kid falling. Changing tables come with safety measures to protect your child.

  • Hygiene: 

Changing diapers could be a messy affair, especially if you do it in places you use for other purposes, like your bed. Having a diaper changing station not only simplifies the process but also makes it very easy to clean.

  •  Parental comfort:

Changing your kid’s diapers on the bed or the floor means additional strain on your knees and back. Over time, this stress could lead to chronic issues. Changing tables, on the other hand, can be adjusted precisely for your height.

  • Accessibility: 

The golden rule of thumb is that you must always keep one hand on your toddler while changing their diapers. But more often than not, you do not have everything you need within your grasp, making it difficult to change their clothes. The added compartments allow you to keep all the essentials within your reach.  

The Most Important Factors To Look In Changing Tables

Before we embark on this journey, here is the bottom line: it is all about your kid. The needs and comfort of your child are of paramount importance when you buy anything for them. Broadly, there are four aspects you should pay special attention to when you are looking for the right table: 

  • Safety

More than anything else, safety matters the most. Changing the diapers of your newborn can be a rather repetitive task, and you need to be careful each time. Changing beds with good safety features might be one of the best investments you could make for a toddler.

For starters, the material of the table should be strong and sturdy. Ignore the plethora of plastic and other lightweight materials and go for wood. The changing table should have a girdle or some kind of boundary around it—at least two inches tall—to protect it from falling. Alternatively, you could go for changing tables that have contours in the middle. Many changing tables now come with safety contraptions like straps, but it is best to avoid them. A parent’s instinct is the best;  as external contraptions could do more damage than good.

  • Comfort

Changing diapers is not a pleasant experience for a child, and newborn babies might have to undergo it several times a day. As such, having a comfortable white single bed frame with storage could go a long way in improving their moods. The changing tables should be large enough to accommodate the needs of your growing child over the years. It is an investment that you might not want to repeat every year.  

The changing pad can offer great additional comfort for your child. Soft mattresses and soft sidewalls ensure that your child does not get hurt, even if they move around too much within the changing pad. 

  •   Hygiene

It would be good to remember that beyond all the plush design and bright colors, a diaper changing station is about – well, changing diapers. Things are bound to get dirty, and you will be the one to clean it later. Hence, the table must be easy to clean. Some tables come with a changing mat that is removable and washable. If not, cleaning the surface regularly is essential. It's even better if the table doesn’t have too many intricate parts, thus making it easier to clean.

  •  Height considerations

Height is perhaps one of the most important factors parents must look for while picking out changing tables. As you know, changing diapers on a floor mat is one of the safest options possible – the only downside is the strain it puts on your knees and back. This is the primary issue that children's beds with storage solve. 

So you should look for tables that are at the correct height for you, such that you could change your kid’s diaper without bending your knees or back. Getting a table with adjustable height is even better. With it, different people of different heights could use the table as per their needs. While generally more expensive, they could be a great utility in families with members of different heights.  

Design And Functional Features To Look 

With all said and done, let’s take a look at some additional features and aesthetically pleasing aspects. Every parent wants to build a splendid fairyland for their child. Here are a few things you might want to look for:

  1. Pick a table that compliments your kid’s nursery theme. A brightly colored table might stand out like a sore thumb if your nursery has somber colors – or vice versa. 
  2.  Forget the ‘latest trend’; wood will always be the best material for tables. Most children's beds with drawers use engineered wood due to its sturdiness and cost-effectiveness. However, make sure to prime it with some premium-quality wood, like pine or sapwood gum.
  3.  Speaking of materials, it is also important to consider the health impact they might have on your child. Most changing tables nowadays declare whether their materials have low VOC or no toxic elements. Remember, kids are sensitive, so it is best to go with the healthiest and non - toxic materials that you can afford. 
  4.  Changing the diapers of your toddler could be both stressful and dangerous. You wouldn’t want to leave your child unattended as you look for essential stuff. Hence, it is important to pick changing stations  for toddlers that have efficient storage spaces. Make sure that everything you would need can perfectly fit in the kids bed with storage
  5.  There are dozens of things you must have bought for your newborn; bulky changing tables might only make things worse. As such, you would want to go for designs that are compact and could be snuggly placed in your nursery. Finding designs that are both compact as well as provide great internal storage could be a game-changer. 


Raising a kid is an accumulation of dozens of unpleasant tasks – including changing diapers. So, it is always great to find the added help. The right diaper-changing tables can be a gamechanger and make the lives of both you and your toddler a lot more comfortable.

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