The Complete Nursery Checklist: Essential Furniture and Accessories for New Parents

Long before the infant arrives in the family, every parent starts planning the perfect nursery. A toddler would spend the first formative years of their life in a nursery. For them, it is their world. So, building a nursery is a significant part of parenting.

But what exactly defines a good nursery? Every child has different needs, but we can understand what works best – safety, comfort, and utility. From nursery furniture sets and accessories to simple room décor, a lot goes behind building a perfect adobe for your little one. Let's follow along with our complete checklist of nursery essentials for new parents.

Furniture Checklist

  • Cribs Or Bassinet 

Sleep is the most essential thing your toddler would do in the first few months. Sleep is where infants grow – both physically and mentally. It is easy to guess why having a comfortable and safe bed should be a top priority in your kid's nursery furniture checklist.

For most toddlers, there are primarily two options you could go for - cribs and bassinets. Cribs are the more popular choice, given how sturdy and durable they are. They are also much safer and spacious. Your toddler can easily spend the first few years in the same crib. Bassinets are a more efficient option for a toddler bed. They are cheaper and require less space to set up. On the downside, they are not as sturdy as baby cribs, and your toddler might outgrow them within the first year of their life. 

Whatever the case, safety and comfort remain the two priorities when picking a bed. The toddler beds should be sturdy, with sidewalls high enough to prevent the toddler from climbing. The mattress should fit the bed perfectly without any gaps and be firm enough to support the child. 

  • Changing Table or Dresser

Kids do nothing except eat, sleep, cry, and pooping. It's okay if you have to go through 10 diapers in a single day. Having a comfortable place to change your tot's diapers is essential. 

There are two primary options for the job. Changing tables are furniture dedicated to changing the diapers of toddlers. They come with all the security features and storage just underneath to store the changing essentials. Dressers are regular storage furniture that could double as a diaper changing station, provided you add a safety strap on top of it. Safety is important because kids move a LOT – especially when they have just pooped. Changing tables are specialized, so they are naturally better suited. However, dressers for nursery have larger storage space and can be used even after your baby have grown up. 

  • Nursing Chair

A nursery might be the abode of your toddlers, but it is also where you would spend most of your time. For mothers especially, it is essential to consider their comfort while designing a nursery. You might have to feed your infant multiple times daily – you must be comfortable doing so.

Rocking chairs for nurseries has been a traditional option for nursing mothers. These are like regular chairs but with arched legs at the base, allowing for a rocking chair motion. The rocking movement is not only soothing for the child but also comforting for the mother. The chairs are space-effective, durable, and generally comfortable. 

Nursery gliders have emerged as a new alternative to rocking chairs. Instead of a chair, they are more akin to a sofa. Naturally, they are much more comfortable and spacious, albeit equally expensive and space-consuming. 

  • Storage Solution

Kids are celebrities in their own right, so it's no wonder they come with a whole entourage. From food and diaper essentials to toys and clothes, there is a whole host of stuff that your tots need. It is always a hassle to store, organize, and remember where they are the next time you need them. Forming an intelligent storage solution should be high on your task list. 

A comprehensive storage solution for the nursery involves a variety of options, including dressers, baskets, and bins. Dressers are a great option to store many things in a single place. If you are short on space, you can go with hanging closets. Baskets and bins work great when you want storage options available at various spots within the nursery. Bookshelves for kids' rooms are an excellent addition to add the décor while keeping all the parenting books you hoard. Usually, a combination of these and an intelligent layout plan would be needed to form the perfect storage solution.

A diaper pail is an excellent option beside the changing table, where you can dispose of dirty diapers without carrying them around. A tall trash can would be an excellent alternative if you want to spend less. 

Essential Accessories

  • Baby monitor

Regarding accessories, baby monitors are the most important ones. Leaving your tot alone in another room can be stressful, and every little sound might prompt you to rush to them. A baby monitor saves a lot of that hassle.

Baby Monitors can be of various types. The cheapest are the audio-only ones, though most parents prefer audio-visual monitors. Newer monitors have additional features like zoom-in, snapshots, two-way communication, and sensors. With internet connectivity, you can monitor your infant from anywhere worldwide. 

  • Speakers

While not necessary, speakers are a neat little addition to a nursery. Toddlers learn from external cues – physical, visual, or audio. Sound is a powerful tool not just to keep kids entertained but also to help in their growth. You can set their favorite song during the day to keep them busy or play white noise at night to help them relax and sleep soundly.

Bluetooth speakers are the popular choice these days. They are relatively cheap, highly portable, and easily connected with a decent range. However, any speaker would work if they have a clear sound and are baby-proof. 

  • Mobiles

The mobile phones (keep them away from your kids as long as possible). Crib mobiles are the decorative items you hang from a crib or a bassinet. They have been a toddler bed staple for over a century. 

Mobiles can come in various forms, depending on what you prefer. Some are simply a collection of figurines that act as toys for your kids. Others come with chime sounds that could soothe your baby. Mobiles can be a great tool to develop their motor skills and help them recognize shapes, colors, etc.

  • Humidifier

This is completely optional and depends entirely on where you live. However, humidifiers are a great gadget if you live in dry regions. A dry environment can irritate your toddlers' soft skin, which naturally requires a lot of moisture. Dryness can also irritate the sinuses and cause a dry cough. 

Humidifiers are cheap, safe, and have many options like timer and auto-shutoff. So if they can help, there is no reason not to get them. 


  • Wall Art

Now that your nursery is set with everything essential, time to look at the aesthetics. Despite many baby essentials, the nursery walls still give you a sense of emptiness – so let's think about wall art. 

There is a vast range of what you can do with the walls. You can fill the wall with pictures of your toddler and your family, add cute paintings, or hang charts of animals, fruits, etc. Ultimately, your walls should reflect who you want to be as a parent.

  • Rugs

Like walls, the floor also takes up significant visual space. A beautiful rug can go a long way in adding to the aesthetic appeal of kid's room decor. Remember that your toddler might spend a lot of time on the floor as they try to develop motor skills. Hence, pick up soft rugs with 100% natural fibers like cotton or wool. 

  • Blinds/Curtains

Blinds and curtains form a big part of the aesthetic appeal of any room. They can either beautifully match the room's color scheme or provide a nice contrast. But beyond looks, blinds also offer a functional utility. Thick blinds can block most of the light, even during bright sunny days. Providing a nice, dark room becomes essential because your toddler can fall asleep at any point of the day. 

  • Stuffed Toys

Well, what kind of nursery could you have without stuffed toys? Stuffed toys are the perfect companion for your child, whether as a sleeping pillow or playmate. Nothing speaks "this is a toddler's room" more than a plethora of scattered stuffed toys. Stuffed toys are great because they are baby-proof and very safe, if not too durable. They can also be a great educational tool, helping your kid learn about objects through visual cues. Remember to get toy storage organizers for all the toys.


Building a nursery for your little bundle of joy can be stressful, but it can also be a task worth remembering for the rest of your life. Every action you take is a sign of your love and adoration for your child. 

We hope our guide helps remove the "stress" part while making the process memorable for you. A combination of our expert opinions and your vision as a parent – that's the perfect recipe for creating a safe, beautiful world for your toddler. 

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