Nursery Decor: Accessories to Create a Magical Space for Your Baby

The arrival of a little bundle of joy to your family is certainly one of the best things that could happen in your life. Naturally, you want him/her to live in the most beautiful paradise imaginable. This abode, called a nursery, can be a canvas to create the perfect place where your kid could grow up.

But while the intentions are admirable, the execution could be daunting. Nursery décor is very different from decorating any other room of the house – particularly because you are picking nursery furniture for someone who is yet to learn to speak. But it can be done, and perfectly as well. Here is your ultimate guide to creating a beautiful nursery décor for your kid.

Significance of Nursery Décor

Even when infants can’t understand aesthetics or colors, they can still be affected by it. It is a fact that colors can have a psychological impact on kids as young as 6 months old, with some colors being more soothing than others. As they grow up, the impact would only become more pronounced. Toddlers can also tell the difference between cluttered and organized rooms, with the latter being more suitable to their moods.

While your baby would live 24x7 in the nursery, you too will spend a significant time there. From changing diapers and feeding on rocking chair nurseryto soothing a crying infant and playing with their toys, there is no end to the tasks of a parent. Wouldn’t it be great if all that is done in a room that was aesthetically pleasing and built to your taste?

Steps To Plan Nursery Décor

1. Understand your own style

Before you even begin with the décor, you need to first understand what exactly you want. Many parents try to design their nursery one way, but halfway decide that they want to pursue another style. This is a confusing approach that will only result in a messy room.

There are many ways to understand your home décor style. A good idea would be to scroll through home designing and babycare blogs, look for nursery décor ideas, and shortlist the ones that you like. Based on similarities between the shortlisted options, you can probably conclude your individual style.

2. Figure out the nursery layout

The layout of a room is fundamental in its décor. You can have the best décor ideas, but they won’t matter if you don’t have enough space to execute them. In other cases, you might be able to implement them but leave the room so cluttered that it is functionally blocked.

When it comes to nursery décor, most experts suggest dividing the room into three zones – sleeping, feeding, and changing. The “sleeping” zone is where your baby rests, so the décor should be soothing for them while also being free of any clutter. The “feeding” area is the space you or any other adult would occupy – so this is the place where the décor should cater for adults. The “changing” area is the most functional space which would house baby changing table, storage units, kids table and chair set,etc. 

3. Pick the color palette

Now comes the toughest part. The colors of the room are the most striking and overwhelming aspect of any home décor. All colors are beautiful, yet not all colors would look great with the theme or style you are picking. Worse, sometimes you might do everything right, yet the final results don’t look great.

To play it safe, go back to the décor styles you had shortlisted. This would give you a good idea about what colors you like or don’t like on your nursery walls. You should also consider the color theme of the rest of the house and whether your nursery color palette would blend well with it.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, you should look at the practical aspects of painting your walls. From a safety point of view, the colorshave to be non-toxic and eco-friendly. You should also look at existing problems in your house – like molding, and dampening – and pick your paint accordingly.

4. Design a mood board

So you have your layout, your colors, and your style guide. Are you all set to start decorating your nursery? Well, not yet. Before you actually execute your plan, it's best to throw those ideas against a mood board.

A mood board is nothing but a mockup of the room you are decorating. It could range from a simple sketch on paper to a whole 3D rendering on your laptop. The core objective is to apply these ideas to that mockup and try to visualize how it could look. If you are convinced that your ideas are great, it's time to start with the décor. 

Essential Nursery Accessories 

  • Cribs

As far as baby furniture go, cribs are the stars of any nursery décor. To be honest, cribs turn a room into a nursery. We have already covered everything about choosing the right crib for your baby. From a décor point-of-view, make sure the color of the crib fits well with the overall color palette of the room. If you are confused, white, off-white, or ivory are the safest choices to go with.

  • Bedding

The kids couchbedding provides a nice opportunity to add interesting aesthetics to the ‘sleeping’ zone of the nursery. Unlike most other accessories in the nursery, bedding like bed sheets and pillow covers are relatively cheap; this means you can experiment with them and frequently switch. However, make sure that looks are not the only thing you are after. Ultimately these are for your child, so ensure that the beddings are eco-friendly and comfortable 

  • Rugs

When people say “A rug really brings a room together”, they aren’t lying. Most people consider rugs to be a luxury, but they can be the centerpiece of any décor. In a nursery, rugs are all the more important due to the functional benefits they offer. As a parent, the hard floor of the room is not an inviting prospect, and as your infant turns into a toddler, he would prefer a softer surface to roll around.

But beyond being soft and durable, there are also aesthetic considerations around choosing a rug. Most importantly, its color should blend well with the color palette of the room. Contrasting textures might also work well, depending on the style picked.

  • Curtains

Curtains are an important piece of the home décor puzzle. Most people love curtains because of the sheet options they provide – from blending perfectly with the room colors to providing a stark contrast, and everything in between. In a nursery, curtains also have a functional use. Since babies don’t have a fixed sleeping schedule, you must have blackout curtains that can completely block the sunlight even during a bright sunny day. As such, dark colors are generally the only options you can go for.

  • Furniture

There is a lot of furniture needed to build a nursery, like changing table, storage cabinet, kids bedroom sets, etc. While safety and utility should be the primary concerns when buying any nursery furniture, it might be good to look at the aesthetic aspect too. Generally, try to make sure that the furniture matches the colors of the room. You can also try contrasting colors that make the furniture pop out against the room; for example, think of teal-coloredtoddler table and chairs against a peach-colored wall.

Things To Remember

Safety Considerations: Safety should always be the most important consideration when designing a nursery. Many parents go overboard with the visual appeal of the nursery, while safety takes a backseat; this is a huge mistake. If you have to choose between the highest safety standards and the most aesthetic accessory for your nursery, always choose the former. Safety considerations include picking cribs that adhere to the latest safety standards, choosing child-friendly paints, picking curtains that don’t pose a safety hazard, keeping electrical outlets away from the child’s reach, etc.

Importance of Personal touch: Professionals and magazines can give you access to a near-unending world of styles, but in the end, it is your personal touch that turns a room into a nursery. When working on the décor, always give a preference to what’s important to you over whatever is trendy. Make sure to include items of personal significance in the room décor, like a toy from your childhood or colors that are close to your heart. Parents and children share an emotional bond which must be visible in the nursery décor too.

Budget constraints: Nursery décor is an exciting prospect that makes many parents go overboard. They try to find the best of everything, even if there are similar, relatively cheaper options available; like picking separate beds and desks when they can work with a single loft bed with desk. Remember, raising a child is an expensive endeavor, and building the nursery is only the first of many expenditures you would face. It is necessary to factor in your budget before you go shopping.


The idea of creating a beautiful space for your little one is certainly exhilarating. But many parents overthink a lot about what works or doesn’t – so much that they miss out on the joy of décor. Remember, as long as you and your kid love it, everything is fine. But if you need a little extra help, we hope our guide helped you along the way.

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