Best Cribs for Twins: Space-Saving and Comfortable Options

 It is not a new thing to hear that babies are gifts from God. Looking at their beautiful, innocent faces, you might be inclined to believe that too. It would seem that sometimes God feels extra generous, and that’s how we get twins.

Parenting twins can be an exhilarating yet challenging experience. The challenges begin right from the first month, as you wonder, Where would they sleep? Picking one crib is a confusing task on its own, so one can imagine doing the same for two. But trust us—the task is not as daunting as you might think. Beyond the general requirements, you just have to look out for a few additional factors, like space efficiency and cost. Here is an exhaustive guide to help you find the right crib for your twins.

Important Consideration

Perhaps the most intuitive response to this conundrum would be to simply buy a single crib for your twins. After all, babies are small, and “sharing is caring”. However, this might not be the great option you think it is.

For starters, most pediatricians, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommend against babies sharing sleeping spaces. This is because babies tend to move around a lot and can hurt each other accidentally. As they grow up, they will require even more personal space to move around. Furthermore, making toddlers sleep together can create a co-dependency that might not be healthy in the long run.

Does that mean you HAVE to buy separate cribs for newborns? Well, not necessarily. There are workarounds to this problem that are both safe and cost-efficient. Let’s read more.

Various Options For Twins

So, sharing a crib is out of the picture. Does that mean you would have to invest in two separate cribs? It is a viable option, albeit quite expensive and space-consuming. Fortunately, a lot of options have emerged on the market that tackle this exact problem.

  1. Twin Bassinets: Perhaps the simplest and cheapest sleeping option for twins would be twin bassinets. As the name suggests, it is a large bassinet that comes with a partition in the middle, thus allowing two babies to sleep together. They are space-effective and comparatively cheaper. However, as with all bassinets, your twins would soon outgrow them and need a new bed.
  2. Playards with twin bassinets: If you are looking for multipurpose options, playards with twin bassinets can work. For the most part, it is just like a regular playground where your kids can play safely. At night, you can fit two bassinets in it, thus allowing your twins to sleep soundly in their separate beds.
  3. Twin Playards: A simpler version of the above model, a twin playard is nothing but a regular playard separated by a partition. This allows your twins to have their own personal spaces to play and sleep. Like all playards, it comes with a firm pad that is safe to sleep on.
  4. Mini Cribs: If you are still looking for something sturdier and longer-lasting, mini cribs are your best bet. Mini cribs are smaller than regular cribs but retain all of their functionality. They are durable, safe, and allow your kids to have their own separate spaces. Furthermore, they give you the flexibility to set up the cribs any way you want, even in separate rooms.

    Factors To Consider While Picking Cribs For Twins

    It is always a big decision to pick a crib for your child, let alone for two of them. Most of these factors are general guidelines that are applicable any time you pick furniture for a toddler.


    It goes without saying that safety is paramount when it comes to toddlers. Most crib manufacturers need to adhere to safety regulations set by the authorities. It is also why you shouldn’t buy old cribs since the safety regulations keep updating.

    The cribs should be sturdy and durable. Cribswood (a mixture of natural and engineered wood) is the most suitable construction material. Ensure that the paints used are non-toxic and non-volatile. There should be no pointy parts like nails or splinters sticking out of the crib.

    Regarding the design, the crib rails should be tall enough to make sure that your toddlers won’t be able to climb out of them. The rails should also be narrow enough so that your kid doesn’t get stuck in them. The whole design should be sturdy and built to last multiple years.


    Space is a major factor for folks who have limited space in their homes. The problem compounds when you have twins and have to buy mini cribs or twin bassinets. On the other hand, buying a small crib carries the risk of buying yet another, larger bed when your toddler grows up in a few years.

    As a parent, you would need to strike the right balance between available nursery space and future requirements. Cribs are a better option than play yards or bassinets since they require less space. They also fit in the corners nicely due to their dimensions, and you can also buy the best cribs with storage.


    If you are planning ahead for the future, convertibility plays an important role. Cribs' furniture are expensive investment, and the crib newborn would need changes every few years as they grow up. Hence, many parents are preferring to buy newborn cribs for sale with convertible options that could be used for a decade or even more.

    Convertible cribs come in a large variety, from 2-in-1 to 6-in-1. As the features increase, so does the price. The most common choice is the 3-in-1 convertible crib. It starts as a regular crib which could be converted into a toddler bed once your child is old enough for it. It can also be used as a daybed or a full bed, depending on the model. Some convertibles can be used as a sofa, thus ensuring they would continue to be useful long after your child grows up.


    Comfort is an integral part of a healthy and happy baby. We all want to sleep comfortably; this is all the more true for toddlers. As such, you need to ensure that your child’s nap time is also his most comfortable one.

    The first thing you might want to pick is the right mattress. The mattress should be soft, but firm; picking too soft of a mattress might cause spinal issues in babies. You can also go for a mattress with soft and firm sides; in such a way, you can pick each side for playing and sleeping respectively.

    The mattress should also fit perfectly in the crib without leaving any gaps. Adjustable mattress height is a good option to have for growing kids as well as parents. You can also pick a mattress with breathable material so that they don’t cause perspiration in kids.

    Additional Trips For Twin’s Cribs

    While we have covered the basics about getting cribs for twins, there is still a lot more you might want to know before you set up the beds for your kids.

    •  If you are getting twin cribs modern, you might want to place them immediately next to each other. Ensure that there is no gap between the cribs. Babies tend to like climbing out of their cribs, and having their siblings right next to them would be an added incentive. A gap between cribs might cause your baby to get stuck or even fall.
    • Inside the nursery itself, there are few ‘do-nots’ when it comes to crib placement. Do not place the cribs near windows, as it might cause the sun to shine brightly on them or cause excessive heating. Also keep the cribs away from cords, blinds, or anything else that could be a strangulation hazard.
    •  A big question would be whether you even want to keep your twins in the same room. Twins love to be with each other as they feel safe and happy. Keeping them in the same room would also make the job of a parent much easier, as well as it being the cheaper, cost-effective option. However, remember kids often have different sleep cycles. It might be that while one of your twins wants to sleep, the other wants to scream and play. In such cases, getting individual mini cribs in separate rooms would be a much better option.


    Raising a kid is a huge responsibility; raising twins, is even more so. Even something as simple as picking the cribs for them could become a daunting task. We hope that this guide might have helped in simplifying things once again.

    Remember, the same general guidelines apply whether you pick one crib or many: safety, comfort, longevity, space, and cost. In the case of cribs for twins, cost and space just become more important. But in the end, you are looking to provide the safest and most comfortable place possible for your babies. And in that regard, the above key points would come in handy as you pick the best cribs for infants. Happy shopping!

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